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Meet Victoria

Imagine a 5’ brunette with the pizzazz of Paula Dean and the delightful, down-home diva-ism of Dolly Parton. That gives you a glimpse of The Financial Diva, Victoria Woods. 


Victoria is a self-made, award-winning entrepreneur, radio talk show host, and motivational speaker with over twenty years’ experience as a financial advisor to Millionaires. Ask the listeners who trust her, the business leaders who admire her, and all the folks in Oklahoma who know her:  Victoria is absolutely unstoppable.  She wrote It’s All About The $Money, Honey! as a “calling card” for her highly successful management firm, ChappelWood Financial Services.

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Talking Points

Diva Guide to Investing


"Consistency will

Always Outperform Occasional Brilliance"

Business & Triumphs


"There are only 2 kinds of people; those who look

for reasons “to get things

done” and “those who look

for reasons not to”




"Talk is cheap, it

takes money to buy champagne"


Your Assets

"Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered"

Trail Blazin'

Texas Logic


"Big Hat, No Cattle"

Goal Setting & Visualization


"Success is getting

what you want,

happiness is wanting

what you get."

Watch the Diva!

Speaking Topics

It's All About

The $Money Honey!

If you choose to live on planet Earth, everything is about the Money, Honey! And she will prove it in a matter of minutes! "Founder of the 84 acre Financial District of Oklahoma, she is well qualified to share how wealthy create wealth, how To Organize Your Financial Life and Monitor Your Investments to Succeed in 6 Easy Steps". Presented at the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" Luncheon and sponsored by Merck Pharmaceutical

Fun Meets Finance

Investing for Women differ from Men and very Sexy when done right. From Risk Tolerance to selecting the right life long Professional Advisor. How emotional decisions can be deadly to your retirement dreams. Easy steps to get started, how to stay on track, monitor your success through any volatile market conditions… even another 2008. Oh yeah, she didn't lose one Ideal client in the Financial Crisis, nope not one folks.

Don't Take Advice From Broke People

As a successful entrepreneur and visionary she shares her secrets to business success attributing two specific things she learned when she was only 23. While creating three successful companies and still having a full and balanced life of marriage, volunteering and work that she loves. Finding joy physically, financially and spiritually can increase productivity, boost moral, encourage people empowerment and employee retention.

A Man Is NOT An Investment Plan

The Financial Diva empowers women, she shares how and why women earn a higher return than men and you can too! 

Whether married, newly divorced, widowed or independent and single. Learn how you can really have it all, whether it's wealth, travel, diamonds, furs or even a man! And let's face it, the more money you have the more shoes you can buy! So remember ladies... Sugar Daddies don’t qualify as an "Alternative".

Look Who's Talking

"The name Financial Diva

is a perfect title for a strong and powerful self-made woman who is committed to every person reaching financial independence so they can live life to the fullest rather than being preoccupied with financial struggle"

Lea Haller Black

Star of The Real Housewives of Miami, Entrepreneur, and Author

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