Imagine this...


You’ve just landed your ideal prospect and secured, what could be the appointment of a lifetime.


You begin committing time, money, and energy into discovering all you can know about the ‘future client’.


After tirelessly curating the perfect proposal, you are ready to present.


In your best outfit, you pitch your offer while feeling confident the sweat, the heart, and the tears you poured into it will reward you with success.


They want the weekend to think about it and agree to have an answer by next Tuesday.


Now, you wait...


You spend ALL weekend thinking about your proposal and their decision.


Tuesday finally arrives, you are fearful to pick up the phone to make your follow-up with this prospect.

Your heart pounds as you ask yourself, “What is going to happen?”


And then you hear the awful reality... The sell goes to the man with the three-piece suit and a football story...


This might not be imaginary; this might be a reality for you.


You know how I know? Because I have...



I have done all that work.

And my work has been stolen and passed into the unearned hands of a man.

My name is Victoria Woods.

I've successfully built three businesses that have risen to become flourishing empires.


Trained over 300 individuals.

Mentored dozens that have achieved top producer status as business owners.

Two of my mentees even recruited their own husbands!!

I have learned the mindset that allowed me to dominate my secret weapon.

At this point in my stellar career, I have a burning desire to share ALL THAT I HAVE LEARNED, for the first time EVER!!

Here are a few examples of the impressions I've made on people...

With the right mindset,

YOU CAN harness your secret weapon

much faster than you think… 

The truth is you just need the recipe and that secret sauce.

I wish a female had written a book for us ladies and given me the recipe years ago!!


My answer was to learn this new mindset by heart and keep improving it, so I could help more people meet their needs, and get what they want.

When you help a massive number of people get what they want, it allows you to have everything you want. 


So, I became a lifelong student of Sales and learned to be Fearless!


The process matters.


Words matter.


Where you spend your time matters.


Who you spend time with matters.


Asking the right (or magical) questions matter.


Learning to get in the mind of my Ideal client matters.


What proved to be the most difficult...

was committing to becoming fearless.

Once I jumped on board, I kept asking, "What took me so long?!"

Now, I reflect on my vast years, and the variety of sales positions I have held.


I represented tangible and intangible products and services.

And Ladies, I've done this as a newbie, as a seasoned pro, Super Successful pro and as a

Top Producer.

There is no upset or turn away I haven’t run across.

I have been misled by people wasting my time. 

Invested too much time following up in the wrong way, with the wrong approach.

Been overcome with the fear of rejection (only to be rejected).

I'm sharing this with you for you to understand this is surmountable.

And, guess what?

You too can achieve this fearless mindset in a much shorter timespan... 30 days to be exact. 

However, this WILL ONLY happen if you commit to learning and evolving to being better...


Striving for more...


Dominating your secret weapon. 


How, you ask?


How to Outsell ALL the Boys In 30 Days or Less Challenge

The step by step process of becoming the Top Sales Producer by eliminating the grind, building your confidence, and learning how to enjoy asking for the business to close the deal!

  • 30 Days of Step-By-Step Action plans

  • Exactly what you need to do every single day of the 30 days (emailed to you daily so you never miss a beat).

  • No confusion ever. Just the exact plan that you need to take. 

  • Support & Accountability so you do the work!

  • The Secret Ingredient to help you boost your sales in 30 days (I’ve NEVER seen this fail when I’ve used it with a client).

I’m a straight shooter, so here it is folks...

My passion is motivating, educating, and inspiring people, women, in particular, to be THEIR BEST.


So I’m going to make an offer that is basically unheard of in the world of Sales Trainings.

Me, myself, and I will be the ONLY one responding to you, no automated robot, no underpaid intern who is waiting for 5 o'clock to strike. 

It will be me, yours truly, Victoria Woods. 


I will be on the other end with all of my realness, and rawness. 

Guiding you, encouraging you... supporting you to BE YOUR BEST!

So, you might be asking, "Why?"

Why does the CEO, Chief Investment Advisor and Sales Coach want to help me... personally?


Because I want to hear your struggles, thoughts, and feelings. 


I want to make sure YOU are absorbing this game-changing knowledge. 

That’s right, The Diva is going to be your sales coach for the next 30 days to MAKE SURE you feel confident with your new, evolving sales mindset. 

I want this challenge to answer all your questions as they come to mind so you make yourself the best version YOU CAN BE. 

So if you sign up today, YOU WILL receive a level of support and accountability that will help you EXCEL in sales. 

Ready to hear more truth?


If I were to coach you, one on one, through this process you are looking at $10,000 price tag.


Yes, my hourly coaching fee, to work with me directly is $500!!

But, lucky you, this course makes my years of valuable experience and knowledge affordable to women that are hungry to learn more!

Listen, my future students will pay $2,000, which is still an amazing price break. 

I mean, $2,000 to almost guarantee better sales?

Yes, please!

I feel confident stating...


that not investing in yourself to build a better sales mindset,


one that will outsell all the boys (the boys that have taken your successes away from you simply because they are male)...


has cost you more than $2,000... much more. 

But, today, I’m not even going to charge you $2,000. 

In fact, I’m not even going to charge you half of that!

Right now, the standard investment is only $997.

You heard me right, ladies!


For a minuscule fraction of what you will profit from in sales, you will dominate your super successful secret sales weapon. 

Look at it this way, for only $32 a day you will be:


- better at sales

- build confidence

- spot your ideal client


- pitch the perfect offer


- close the deal


- and wait for that big, beautiful check to arrive. 

However, when you couldn’t think this could get any better...

I have to make this an even easier decision for you.

I’m a big fan of the Easy Button, so here it is ladies...

You are here to excel in your industry, an industry dominated by men.

You are here to master your selling mindset.

To make a difference for yourself and your bank account. 

You are here because YOU MATTER and DESERVE to be THE TOP SALES PRODUCER. 

Now’s your time. 

Which is why this week you can get started with my How to Outsell All the Boys in 30 Days of Less Challenge for only $199.

So, let’s stop your second-guessing now.

Let’s do this together. 

If you complete the full 30 days of the challenge and you aren’t feeling confident with your results, let me know and I will refund your full investment. 






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